Pocket Operator MIDI Adapter V3


Introducing the Pocket Operator MIDI Adapter, a simple and convenient solution for controlling your Pocket Operators via MIDI. The adapter features pogo pins on the top PCB board that make direct contact with the exposed button pads on the Pocket Operator, allowing you to easily simulate button presses with MIDI notes.

One of the key advantages of this adapter is that it doesn't require any soldering, so you can easily install it and remove it as needed. And with its 3D printed adapter and bottom PCB board, it provides a sturdy and reliable connection to the Pocket Operator.

Get your Pocket Operator MIDI Adapter today and unlock the enhanced versatility and control of MIDI.

There are 3 main features :

1. Trigger all 23 buttons on the board can be  via MIDI Notes. It can accept the following input options :

      - USB MIDI Device

      - USB MIDI Host

      - MIDI 5-DIN

      - MIDI TRS (3.5mm) Type-A

      - BLE MIDI

Note: The MIDI Adapter does not give you midi control to the two knobs on the Pocket Operator

2. The bottom PCB board can work in standalone mode as a "MIDI Merger". MIDI Signals from the USB-host, USB-device, MIDI BLE and MIDI IN are merged together and send to each other.

3. MIDI clock to PO clock converter

- There is a 3.5 mm jack for this purpose.

Additionally, there is a looper feature that is currently in beta for PO33.

See video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG9rOFwKDS0

You will receive :

  •  1 x Fully assembled device (2 PCB boards)
  •  1 x 3D printed cover 
  •  1 x Preconfigured Micro SD card (for saving MIDI configurations)
  •  1 x USB cable  
  •  2 x MIDI TRS (3.5mm) Type A/B Converter

Note : A maximum of 2 adapters can fit into 1 shipping box. Free return for US/Canada within 14 days. Return at buyer expense for international orders within 14 days


BLE Demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_peiBfl6JI

User Guide : https://github.com/Hanz-Tech/midi-adapter-v3-software/wiki

Schematics/3D models : https://github.com/Hanz-Tech/midi-adapter-v3-hardware

Firmware : https://github.com/Hanz-Tech/midi-adapter-v3-software